Kalama Bay Beach Park

Aloha. My name is Adventure. I’ll be your host today, as I take you to Kalama Bay Beach Park, formerly the Boettcher Estate, which takes up 4 acres and is located in Kailua, on the east side of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii.

The surrounding area is called Kalama, which means “The Torch” in the Hawaiian language.

Kalama was Kailua’s first housing tract, which was developed in 1925 by Harold Castle, who named it after Queen Kalama, who was the wife of King Kamehameha III, who previously owned the land in the Kailua area.

The home that sits on the property was designed for Boettcher in 1937 and later became a park in 1978 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

It is located near the intersection of Kalaheo Avenue and Hauoli Street at 248 North Kalaheo Avenue in Kailua.

Please be aware that the park closes at 6pm and that means a gate that closes and locks any remaining vehicles inside of the parking lot. Be sure to leave by 6pm or you could get a criminal trespassing ticket from the police requiring a court appearance. They are serious on Oahu about park closing hours.

Typical park rules apply to this park, such as no smoking or vaping, alcohol, fires, feeding of birds, tree climbing, disc throwing like frisbees or ball playing.

There are about 24 parking stalls at the park that are free, and are for park users only.

There is only one park table for everyone to use, and it is located directly behind the house that sits on the property, fairly near the beach.

The sand is absolutely amazing here. It is Kailua sand and that means it is extra fine and extra soft.

You are going to love this beach as it is great to watch the sunrise, has incredibly amazing soft sand, nice pathways with easy walking to the beach from the parking lot, bathrooms with drinking water and showers to clean off with, free parking, and plenty of trees and bushes where you can retreat to should you get too hot out in the sun.

My name is Adventure.


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