Lanai Lookout

Aloha. My name is Adventure.

Kick back and relax while I take you to an amazing Scenic Viewpoint.

Lanai Lookout is located at approximately 750 feet to the east of 8102 Kalanianaole Highway, in Honolulu, Hawaii 96825.

Lanai Lookout is an incredibly gorgeous scenic viewpoint that cannot be missed.

It is highly recommended that you stay in the designated area here and that you do not climb down below to the water.

Lanai Lookout has a decent parking lot area and is free to park your vehicle.

However, if you park your vehicle here, you must be using the park and cannot leave the park area, or your vehicle could get a ticket or it could get towed away at your expense, and it is not cheap.

You can see two other Hawaiian islands from this scenic lookout area.

When you look out across the water, you will notice a main island, and then you will notice what looks like another island, a little further away and on the right of the first island.

The closer island on the left, is the Island of Molokai, and the closest point on it measures 27 miles, or 44 kilometers away from your lookout point.

The further island to the right, is the island of Lanai, and the closest point on it measures 48 miles, or 77 kilometers.

If there were clear skies and you had great vision, you could almost see between the two islands and catch a glimpse of Maui, which starts at 68 miles, or 110 kilometers, away from your lookout spot.

The Big Island of Hawaii is too far away to be seen, as it measures in at about 150 miles, or 240 kilometers.

If someone did go past the fenced area, and walked on the lava, they would notice how incredibly slippery it is with all of the loose gravel all over.

Never, ever, turn your back to the water.

You never know when a big wave will suddenly come out of nowhere, and they do come, and they do surprise, trust me.

I hope you enjoy the view.

My name is Adventure.


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